Van't Grootgestalte

Renescent Prince Charming


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  • Origin

    Renescent Danes, UK

  • Parents

    Renescent Love Heart x Pinza’s Blue Frozen Expectations at Renescent

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Renescent Prince Charming 1278851 Imp. 
HD/A 1278851 Imp. 

Pinza’s Blue Frozen Expectations at Renescent AU0901931

Renescent Love Heart AS00738409

Sirblu Jamie of Blubak DK 05458/94 (Dan Ch.) 

Pinza’s Blue Because I Said So DKK15076/2014

Rayjen Texas Holdem 2616CX

Renescent L’Esperance AP01599405

Sajcs Sgt Will B Blu V Rocon AKC WG065209 (Am. Ch).

Sirblu Coleridge Carol LMBRD AKC WG468863

Riveran Call Me Mr. Fogman JR. Fin149906/11 (Fin. Ch.)

Michaeldane JB CDL Beyonce DKK18423/2010 (Dan. Ch)

Galomax American Gamble With Rayjen (Am. Imp) AF02409810 (Black)

Rayjen Ace of Hearts AG02255301

Renescent L’Indifferent AM01690101

Renescent Mimi Labonq AJ03976303


René hasn’t stolen his name. However, he could also have been called Robin Hood. René is a very gentle soul and a charming pleaser for both humans and animals. A true gentleman or even beter gentle giant. He loves to explore and learn new things in life. In terms of construction his conformation is very elegant and athletic. He is the biggest teddybear you can imagine.



First mating october 2019.
Dam: Novastar van’t Groot Gestalte (7 pups)

Second mating february 2021.
Dam: Pepsi-Pola Van Hoght (12 pups)

Third matins octobre 2021:
Dam: Calista vom Bismarckwäldchen (7 pups)


Health checks

Hips: HdA
Elbows: Ed0
Shoulders: Sd0
Heart ultrasound 2019/2020: DCM free, no remarks
Also frozen semen available


  • EUDDC breeding license (2021): 294/310 points
  • Championtitels:
  • **Belgian Junior Champion 2019
  • Showresults 2018:
  • **29ste Lovaniumtroffee: 3e plaats minor puppy, Veelbelovend
  • Showresults 2019:
  • **29ste Lovaniumtroffee: 3th place minor puppy, Very promising
  • **46ste Schaal der Kempen: 2nd place Junior, Excellent
  • **24e Jongehonden- en Veteranendag: 1st place Junior, Very good
  • **42e Rashondenshow der Zuiderkempen: 1st place Junior, Very good
  • **International Great Dane Day: 2nd place Junior, Excellent
  • **6de KVN Aalst Jonge honden & Veteraan Day All Breed Show: 1st place, Excellent, BOB
  • **40ste St Romboutstrofee: 1st place, Excellent
  • Showresults 2020:
  • **Maastricht 1st day: 1st place, Excellent Open Class, Res. Cac., Res. Cacib.
  • **Maastricht 2nd day: 2nd place, Excellent Open Class
  • Showresults 2021:
  • **International Great Dane Day BDDC: 2nd place, Excellent Open Class
  • **55ste Antwerp Dog show: 1st place, Excellent Open Class, CAC, CACIB, BOB
  • **CACIB Genk LKV: 1st place, Excellent Open Class, CAC, CACIB, Crufts Qualification, BOB
  • **46ste International Dog show Maastricht: 1st place, Excellent Open Class, Res. Cac, Cacib
  • **47ste International Dog show Maastricht: 2nd place, Excellent Open Class, Res. Cacib
  • **34ste Hagelandtrofee HRV Halloweenshow: 2nd place, Very good Open Class
  • **Douai International Dogshow: 1st place, Very good Open Class, Zeer goed.
  • **57ste Eurodogshow Kortrijk:2nd place, Excellent Open Class, Uitmuntend, Res. CAC, Res. CACIB
  • **41ste Internationale CAC Dogshow Wieze: 1st place, Excellent Open Class, CAC, BOS Hopkoning


First litter 2019:  with  our own bred Novastar van’t Groot Gestalte  (3 boys, 4 females)
Second litter 2021: with Pepsi-Pola van Hoght (5 boys, 7 females)
Third litter 2021: with Calista vom Bismarckwäldchen (4 boys, 3 girls)