Van't Grootgestalte

Our puppies

UPDATE 2023:

At the moment we are planning a breeding with Saga.
Hopefully we can welcome puppies begin this summer.
If you might be interested, you may always contact us for more information:

Puppy’s born on 12th of december 2019.
Dam: Novastar van’t Groot Gestalte, Sire: Renescent Prince Charming (René).
4 females and 3 males.


Our puppies are descended from parents with good bloodlines, with approval for breeding and with the necessary health checks. They are born in family setting and are well educated and socialized during their first eight weeks of life.

We find this period to be very important. Not only for the imprinting and socialisation, but also for the puppies’ vitality and immunity. The longer they can stay with their healthy gentle mother, who also provides a friendly but firm education, the better it is for the puppies.

All dams are also properly wormed, vaccinated and free from disease.

Our puppies receive a puppy vaccination and an identification chip at 6 weeks. They are only given a European passport and pedigree from the St. Hubertus. The puppies are sold with a warranty sales contract. At 8 and 12 weeks, your new puppy must be examined and revaccinated by your own veterinarian.