Van't Grootgestalte

Novastar Van't groot gestalte


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  • Origin

    Duitse doggen Van’t groot gestalte.

  • Parents

    Dam: Coralie von der Schlehhecke x Sire: Ferro van de Wase polder.

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Novastar Van’t groot gestalte L.O.S.H. 1153057

Ferro van de Wase polder L.0.S.H. 0996125

Coralie von der Schlehhecke VDH/DDC 126490

Genesis-B deï monti del Keraton LOI 02/130140

Anushi van die Stryelantse LOSH 0901321

Elderberry’s Quento VDH/DDC 123479

Altusdane All my Loving VDH/DDC 122444

CH. Ital. Blasco-B LOI 0114957

Olympia de la Benjamine LOI 00/63347

Yarosherta LOSH 0856068

Tendresse van die Stryelantse LOSH 0754541

Elderberry’s Juncan VDH/DDC 117177

Elderberry’s Miss Marple VDH/DDC 120704 FCI Jahrhundert CH.

Abracadabra von Bismarck-Blue VDH/DDC 113293 BJS03, VDHES04,

Dainoak Designer Dreams of Altusdane KC AC03901802-GB


Nova is, mental as physical, a very nice combination of her mom and dad. She is very openminded, gentle, happy, enthusiastic and playfull. She can be a bit stubborn as her dad when she is not getting what she has in mind. Nova really loves to stand and show in the spotlight.
There is something special about her, probably because she was our firstborn and because she is a real momma’s girl.


First mating october 2019 sired by Renescent Prince Charming

Health checks

Hips: HdA
Elbows: Ed0
Shouders: Sd0
DCM ultrasound (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020): clear
Eyes (january 2019): free of eye diseases


  • Behaalde schoonheidstitels:
    • Luxemburg Junior Champ 2015
    • Benelux Junior Winner (Lux.) 2015
    • Benelux Winner (Lux.) 2015
    • Belgian Junior Champ 2015
    • Dutch Junior Champ 2015
    • Belgian Champ 2017
    • Dutch Champ 2017
    • International Champ 2017
    • Luxemburg Champ 2018
    • Benelux Champ 2018
    • Best Great Dane (Best in Show) International Great Dane Day BDDDC 2019
  • Showresults 2015:
    • 38ste int. Kampioenschapstentoonstelling Eindhoven (NL): 1e very promising, Best Baby
    • 42ste Schaal der Kempen Hoogstraten (BE): 1e very promising, Best Baby
    • 36ste show der Hopstreek Wieze (BE):1e, ,very promising, best Puppy
    • Ambiorix Troffee Genk (BE): 1e, very promising, Best Puppy
    • Junior class:
    • 38e hondententoonstelling Rotterdam dubbelshow (NL) 25/7:
      1e place Excellent, Junior cac, CAC, BOB
    • 38e hondententoonstelling Rotterdam dubbelshow (NL) 26/7:
      1e place Excellent, junior cac.
    • Lokerse Winner (BE): 1eplace Excellent, best junior
    • Sint Romboutscup Mechelen (BE): 1ste place Excellent, best junior
    • 91 ste International Dog Show Luxembourg (LUX): 1ste place Excellent, best junior, Best Bitch, BOB.
      (Luxemburgs Jeugdkampioen, Benelux Jeugdwinner, Benelux Winner).
    • Continental Winner Show Libramont 2015 (BE): 1ste place Excellent, best junior
    • Int. Dagshow Maastricht (NL) 26/9: 3e place, very goog
    • Int. Dogshow Maastricht (NL) 27/9/15: 3e place Excellent
    • Eu.DD.C Show 2015 Charleroi (BE): 3e place Excellent
    • Dagshow Bleiswijk (NL): 1e place Excellent, Res.Cac
    • Dogachtigen Show (NL): 1e place Excellent, best junior
    • 119e Brussels Dogshow (BE): 3e place, very good
  • Showresults 2016:
    • Intermediate class:
    • 43ste Schaal der Kempen (BE): 1e place, Excellent
    • 46ste Flanders Dogshow Gent (BE): 1e place, Excellent , BOB, CAC-CACIB
    • 36ste Grote Prijs van Limburg (BE): 1e place, Excellent, Res. Cac, Res. Cacib
    • 21ste Internationale Rashondententoonstelling Kv Rijnland (NL): 1e place, Excellent, CAC-CACIB, BOS
    • 18de Ambiorixtrofee (BE): 1e place, Excellent, Res. CAC
    • 50ste intern. Rashondententoonstelling k.v. Brabo (BE): 1e place, Excellent, CAC, CACIB, Brabowinster, BOB, bij 8ste van BIG geplaatst.
    • 37ste K.V.N. Show der Hopstreek (BE): 1e place, very good
    • 57e internationale Hondententoonstelling Dogshow de Baronie (NL): 1e place, Excellent, BOB.
    • Exposition Canine Internationale Douai (Fr): 1e place, Excellent, CAC, CACIB en BOB
    • Internationale Doggendag BDDC (BE): 1e place, Excellent, Res. CAC
    • Sint-Romboutscup (BE): 1e place, Excellent, CAC, CACIB en BOB
    • Openklas:
    • FCI European Dog Show Brussels (BE): 1e place, Excellent
    • FCL 93rd International Dog Show (Lux): 2de place, Excellent, Res. CACL
    • Internationale Dogshow Maastricht (NL): 1e place, Excellent, Res. CAC, Res. CACIB
    • Grote Prijs van Limburg (BE): 1e place, Excellent, CAC, BOS
    • 40ste Internationale Dogshow Eindhoven (NL): 3e place, Excellent
    • 44ste Schaal der Kempen (BE): 1e place, Excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB
  • Showresults 2017:
    • Internationale Rashondententoonstelling Rijnland: 2e place, Excellent
    • FCL 94th International Dog Show (Lux) CHAMPION CLASS: 2e place, Excellent
    • Dogshow Goes (NL): 1e place, Excellent, Best Bitch, CAC, CACIB
    • Dogshow Goes (NL): 2e place, very good
    • Lokerse Winner (BE): 1e place, Excellent, Best Bitch, CAC, BOB, Lokerse Winner
    • Kampioenklas:
    • Golden Dog Trophy Luik (BE): 1e place, Excellent, Best Bitch, CAC, CACIB, BOB
    • Stichting Hondententoonstelling Rotterdam (Benelux Winner): 1e place, Excellent, Best Bitch, CAC, CACIB, Benelux Winner
    • Hondenschowtraining Ring 13 Clubmatch (BE): 1e place, Excellent, Best Bitch BOB, Beste of Group 2, 3th best in Show.
    • FCL 95th International Dog Show (Lux): 4e place, Excellent
    • German Winner Show Leipzig (DE): 1e place, Excellent, VDH, Res. CACIB
    • World Dog Show Leipzig (DE): Excellent
  • Showresultaten 2018:
    • FCL 96th International Dog Show (Lux): 1e place, Excellent,  Best Bitch, CACL, CACIB, BOB, Beste hond van Rasgroep 2 in de erering
    • World Dogshow Amsterdam (NL): 3e place, Excellent
    • 55th Eurodogshow Kortrijk (BE): 1e place, Excellent, Best Bitch, CAC, CACIB, Benelux Winner
  • Showresultaten 2019:
    • International Great Dane Day BDDC: 1 place, Excellent,  CAC, Queen (Best Bitch) of all colors, Best in Show.


First litter born december 2019 sired by Renescent Prince Charming.