Van't Grootgestalte

In Memoriam

Meant to Be van Hoght ‘Minty’
Dam: Janneke van Hoght
Sire: Ferro van de Wase Polder

When Minty was born, we knew from the very first moment that she was the one that was Meant to Be in our family. The only one of 15 without white markings on the chest, just like her daddy Ferro. While laughing she was called ‘Minty’ by her breeder because on the one hand she wore a mint green colored band and on the other hand as a joke by analogy with my name ‘Cindy’. That nickname has never changed. Minty was of type and character 100% the opposite of our other young Marie at that time. She was well built, self-confident, respected little to no boundaries, had a strong will, and was of the motto ‘if it doesn’t sound, it will collide’. And so it often collided. Both with Marie and later also with her halfslibbing Novastar. However, she was also very sensitive as every Great dane should be, yet she always pretended to be much tougher than she actually was. Rough husk, white kernel. She was her daddy Ferro’s best friend his best playmate. And of course her human dad biggest love. Benny and Mint had an intensely strong bond. She lived for his love, the many kisses and the cuddles. She was definitely Meant to Be in our life. Our Minty Pinty, we will keep on hugging you forever in our heart.

Ferro from the Wase polder
Dam: Anushi von die Stryelantse
Sire: Genesis B dei Monti del Keraton

Ferro was our very first loyal companion. We had very consciously chosen for the sweet, tough and well balanced puppy with the green collar. Because we knew in advance that the education of a first dog and then a male might be a challenge, we were very well prepared. I don’t even think we’ve ever had a dog afterwards that was raised so well and listened so well despite his hormones and willfulness. Imaginary boundaries were as clearly defined for him as physical doors, gates, fences and fences. He didn’t put a toe on it. Ferro was a very proud, self-confident, strong compact dog. I always compared him with a big strong oak deep-rooted in the earth, not easily shaken. He was a self-confident natural leader of the pack, who began to surround him from the age of 6. Our right hand in raising our other dogs both in the house and on a walk. He was a true protector of home, hearth and all those he loved until his beautiful 11-year-old age. His home and his family were sacred to him. He fully lived for that. In 2013 Ferro became daddy of the M-litter of Great Danes ‘Van Hoght’ and in 2014 daddy of our N-litter ‘van’t Groot Gestalte’.
The one and only ‘Ferrytail’, forever in our thoughts.

Coralie von der Schlehhecke ‘Marie’
Dam: Altusdane All my Loving
Sire: Elderberry’s Quento

Marie … and I already smile at the thought … Marie, we can fill many books with that. Everything about Marie was turbulent, turbulent, full of adventure. She was described by the breeder as Wuchtbrumme (Impressively temperamental, radiating vitality young female person of strong stature) and that is still the best description on closer inspection. Her coming into our family was pure serendipity, destined. And we don’t regret that for a second. She was my soulmate from the first moment I’ve met her. She woke up from a deep sleep and walked without a leash in my wake through the breeders house, into the front yard, across the parking lot and into the car towards Belgium. At the time I thought it was the quietest puppy in the litter, but that turned out to be quite different. Marie was actually a very energetic, athletic, but also a hypersensitive and insecure pup. But however great her uncertainty could be, she always trusted us. There was nothing Marie didn’t do or undergo for us, as long as she had us. Her loyalty was bottomless, but it was limited to the few people she trusted. She was also the best mother possible for her puppies (our N- and P-litter). She was the type that burns itself out, that goes beyond its own boundaries no matter what. The type from which you learn so much if you open yourself up to it and dare to look in the mirror she holds up to you. The type that gets under your skin and never lets go. Marieke, you came into my dreams to give me that last hug. But we would have loved to give you so many more. You’ve lived your life to the fullest, but it was therefore simply too short. We still miss you every ‘flashy’ second in our life.