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Thirteen years ago, our dream to have our own Great Dane became reality. At that time, we consciously decided to look for a breeder that we felt at home with and who attached as much importance to the health and welfare of animals as we do. Coincidentally, she was planning welfare and a litter and we were given first choice of the litter. The pupp’s grew incredibly fast and each one was as adorable as the next! At 8 weeks we were still trying to decide between two males: “The male with the blue ribbon or the one with the green?” It was the puppy with the green ribbon who suddenly made the decision himself by climbing into Benny’s lap and giving him little licks. He was given the name “Ferro of Wase polder”. A steel blue dog and a solid pillar of strength for both his owners.

Since then, at 9 years of age, Ferro produced 25 beautiful offspring. The lovable and super active Coralie von der Schlehhecke (Marie) has also joined our family, as has two of Ferro’s puppies, Meant to be van Hoght (Minty) and Novastar Van’t groot gestalte (Nova).

Unfortunately Ferro died not long after his 11th Birthday. Afterwards it took us a while to decide to take another male to company us and our 3 girls. But everything happens for a reason. So when I saw a litter announcement in Great Britain of a beautiful lovely blue bitch I had once met on show in France it felt as meant to be. That is how our Renescent Prince Charming walked into our life.

Our goal for our family kennel is to produce a small number of healthy, well-bred, family dogs. Our dogs are screened for DCM, Ed, Hd and Sd and have been presented for breeding approval, possess a pedigree and have undergone DNA analysis. They also occasionally participate in dog shows. If you would like to know more about our Great Danes, planned litters and the like, do not hesitate to explore this website thoroughly or feel free to contact us via

Benny and Cindy

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